Channel Creation
February 15th, 2015
YouS Event Coordinator & Publicists

YouStudio is a Fantage Studio on YouTube, created by Jen, who is also the leader of the studio. The studio is one of the most popular Fantage studios on YouTube. The studio is best known for animated music video collaborations.

The channel has been given high praise by other Fantage Music Video creators.

Current MembersEdit

  • Buejay Duo
  • chai
  • cancer.
  • Destiny
  • Eternal✵Space
  • lil.dori
  • Pixie Annie
  • [ princxess ]
  • xIzzyBoo
  • wuzay
  • Stupidity
  • mel
  • Bananastarx
  • Fabulous Fish
  • PiiinkSparkles
  • Pixientic
  • Tyu7
  • xxsarah52009xx

Current Backup Members Edit

  • lisa
  • Coercive
  • caustic

External LinksEdit

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