The Faded Life


June 24, 2017

The Faded Life is a Fantage Animated Series made by Dia1245x3. The series is about a new student named Jessica and how she begins a blossoming relationship with one of her classmates.


  • Jessica White: The main protagonist of the series. She has recently transfered to her new high school and has moved from New York due to her parents' work. She is 16 years old and likes cookies.
  • Justin Brown: Jessica's fellow classmate and love interest. He is considerate and cares very much for Jessica. He is 17 years old.
  • Jordan Brown: Justin's twin brother. He is somewhat distant and prefers to not talk with most people. He is 17 years old.
  • Alyssa Woods: The main antagonist of the series. She appears to be nice, but she dislikes Jessica after hearing that she might like Justin. She is 15 years old.
  • Jaclyn White: Jessica's younger sister. Jessica finds her to be quite nosy.
  • Bella and Della: The twin daughters of the school principal. They are quite chatty.
  • Eric Thomas: A student who arrives after Jessica does. He has green cat ears that he prefers to not mention and has had a bad history with Bella and Della.


Jessica enters her new high school and meets Jordan, who shuns her, and Justin while trying to find her classroom. As apology for her twin brother's behavior, Justin takes Jessica to her classroom, where Jessica learns that she is fellow classmates with him and Jordan. Later during lunch, Jessica meets fellow classmate Alyssa, who invites her to her house after school. At Alyssa's house, she asks Jessica if she likes Justin. When Jessica responds that she might, Alyssa rudely kicks her out of the house.

Jessica, hurt by Alyssa's harsh words, cries and is comforted by Justin, who wanted to see how she was doing at Alyssa's house. Justin takes Jessica home and meets her younger sister, Jaclyn. While they take a walk outside, Justin tells Jessica about his childhood and why Jordan has been cold to everybody. When the two were younger, they went out late at night despite their mother's warnings. While they were crossing the road, a car was passing by, unknown to the boys, and their mother jumped in to save her children from getting hit.

Jordan blamed Justin for their mother's death and hasn't been talking to him ever since. Despite Jordan ignoring him, Justin continues to live with his brother for him, since their mother was their only guardian after a divorce. Jessica hugs Justin to make him feel better after telling his story. The two are close to kissing until Justin stops after seeing someone. Feeling awkward, Jessica leaves the scene. Justin goes to speak with the mysterious figure, who seems to be able to control him and warns him that it's either his love life or his brother before leaving. The next day at school, Jessica reluctantly follows Alyssa and the two spot Justin and Jordan chatting with each other. Jessica tries to leave, remembering yesterday's events, but Justin follows her outside.

Justin apologizes for attempting to kiss her, and the two reconcile before being confronted by Jordan. Leaving him behind, the two arrange a date on Saturday before going their own ways. That faithful day, the two are dressed up and enter the "enchanted Ancient Palace". Unknown to the two, Alyssa is also there as princess for a day, and orders the two out while leaving behind a note for Justin. Disturbed by the note, Justin decides to leave Jessica and their date together is disrupted.

Taking Justin's sudden absence as a sign for disliking her, Jessica tries to find Justin in order to find out the truth. She does find Justin, but he is surrounded by two girls and takes this as cheating on her. Jessica puts on a disguise to see if he really is into someone else, and after finding that Justin has practically ignored her, she decides to look for him again. She takes some advice online that suggests her to slightly change her outfit and finds Justin carrying water bottles.

They bump into each other, causing all of the water to pour out of the bottles and spill over both of their clothes. Justin decides to take Jessica over to his house and lets her have a shower along with a fresh change of dry clothes. Justin goes to take a shower and goes out to buy snacks for Jessica, while she finds his secret journal. Jessica then wakes up from crying after dreaming that Justin comes back to use his journal to confess his feelings for her, but she hides this from Justin by pretending that the dream was about another boy named Eric.

This crushes Justin's heart, especially when a new student named Eric comes the next day. Eric is in the same class as Bella and Della, much to their chagrin, and seems to have a liking to Jessica. Jessica, who realizes that Justin must be heartbroken from the "Eric" she made up the other day appearing to be real, quickly tries to find him.


  • A trailer of the series was released a day before the first episode. The trailer features the opening of the series.

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