Official Fantage User
Channel Creation
May 14th, 2012
Best Known For
Make-up and Cooking

Pinkerellie is a channel on YouTube. Pinkerellie is one of the most famous Fantage YouTubers of all time, with a fanbase of a whopping 8,233 subscribers. Her birthday is on September 19th and she is around 12-18 years old. Her name comes from her favorite color (pink) and a Webkinz pet named "Pinkerella." Upon making a YouTube Channel, "Pinkerella" was taken, leaving her to choose a closer name, which would end up as "Pinkerellie." She has had a previous YouTube Channel around June 2011 until it was hacked.


Her channel also has various skits, which would later include her pet Ursa, Teddy. Teddy was introduced on February 23rd, 2014, while Pinkerellie accidentally spilled yolk on his head cooking eggs. Pinkerellie formally introduced him on June 20th of that year. Pinkerellie had found Teddy in the forest the year before, looking hungry and sad. Teddy enjoys dressing up and drawing and hates taking a bath. Teddy is always mistaken as a stuffed teddy bear.


Pinkerellie has received overwhelmingly positive reception. She has been listed as a favorite Fantage YouTuber for many fans. Pinkerellie has also appeared at the first Fantage Vidcon; her appearance had sparked excitement throughout the server. As for Teddy, he has received overly positive reception, particularly in the video before he was formally introduced. He was described by users as being a "hot teddy bear" and "a very lucky little bear" (regarding Pinkerellie dating Teddy in the aforementioned video).


  • Her mascot currently consists of a girl with blonde hair and pink highlights and with hot pink eyes. Her mascot had previously had black hair instead of blonde and blue eyes instead of pink.