Official Fantage User
Channel Creation
February 9th, 2013
Best Known For

OokamiHanta AJ, is a channel on YouTube. Her birthday is on May 2nd and is best known for making Fantage Animated Series such as Nameless and Snows Echo.


  • Nameless - Rein Suzine finally decides to go back to school after not being there a long time. There, she meets new friends and creates new relationships with them, not knowing that she is the only one unaware of her past relationships with said friends...
  • Snows Echo - In a kingdom where aristocrats wear dresses and where demihumans are slaves, this is the story of Princess Echo and her personal slave Kat, as well as many others...


OokamiHanta AJ has received much positive reception from fans.

Trivia Edit

  • Both of OokamiHanta AJ's Fantage Animated Series have characters that were made by others, particularly fellow deviants in deviantART.

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