Angels Love is a Fantage Animated Series by DrawingWithD. The series is about Adam, who is actually an angel from the skies, who has to fall in love with a human in order to meet his parents' expectations. The first episode was released on July 5th, 2015.


  • Adam: The main character of the series, he is an angel boy from the sky.
  • Jasmine and Eric: Adam's parents. Eric is Adam's strict father who prefers to live by tradition, while Jasmine is Adam's mother who cares for her son.
  • Grace
  • Lily
  • Ethan: The human boy who finds Adam on the floor. He is childish for his age.


After disobeying his father by saying he does not want to be king, Adam falls to the earth in front of Ethan. Adam is to fall in love with a human girl in order to meet his father's goal of having his son as king of the heavens. Ethan and his mother bring Adam inside after discovering him unconscious. Upon waking up, Ethan and his mother check on him as she finishes making her soup. Ethan's mother tells Ethan to bring Adam to his room, which Ethan does. Unfortunately for Adam, his angel wings pop up.


  • Adam is also the name of the first human on Earth, as written in many religious books, such as the Bible.